About POYE

POYE brand

POYE is the only manufacturer of dental x-ray machines in Taiwan, founded by Yi-Chuan Liao and Ellen Ko. Since its foundation in 1978, POYE strives to pursue the quality reassurance that brings the company to be the nation’s leading manufacturer of its field today. With more than 30 years of professional experience, POYE is recommended by dental health professionals for our quality service and trade honesty in the domain of Dental x-ray equipments.

Worldwide exports

There is great number of dental health clinics in Taiwan today, and over 50% of these clinics trust POYE manufactured products for their outstanding quality and customer support services. POYE products are also being exported to numerous countries worldwide, with more overseas markets being developed for further export opportunities.

A large product selection

POYE offer a great variety of dental x-ray equipments, including chair type, mobile unit, wall mounting type, portable type, digital panoramic and cephalometric dental x-ray unit.

Our guarantee to excellence, professionalism and trust

With customer satisfaction as our first priority, we commit to provide the best quality products to our clients. Contact POYE to locate your needs of professional and reliable dental x-ray equipments and after-sale support, POYE is assured to be the best option.


POYE is proudly accredited with ISO 13485, CE 2460 and GMP certifications, to our recognized dedication and commitment of high quality of our products.