Portable X-Ray Systems


  • PX-80M can be used in the surgical department,orthopedics, intensive care unit of the hospital, and in a veterinarian hospital.
  • The PX-80M weight only 15kgs, complete with aluminum carrying case.
  • The generator complete with adjustable light beam diaphragm for precise beam alignment and prevention of scattered radiation, showing the center of the x-ray beam.
  • The electronic timer having settings from 0.03 ~ 5 sec in 22 steps,enable short exposure times to be used.


    Model No. PX-80M
    Tube Potential 80 kVp
    Tube Potential 10 mA
    Exposure Time 0.03 ~ 5 sec
    Total Filtration 2.5 mmAl Eq
    Weight 15 kgs
    Stand Weight 25 kgs
    Image type Patient : head、hand、foot、thoracic
    Animal : cat、dog、other animals